New design moulded and Ridge Cut GHB chanter reeds soon to be added to the shop.

Synthetic chanter reeds soon to be available, just in the final stages of testing.


Chanter reeds for Morrison Reel pipes.

I have been working on my own design for these chanters and they are now available. click here to order.

Old News

Shepherd Smallpipes.

Reeds to suit Shepherd smallpipe chanters A,Bb & D.

Heriot & Allen Smallpipes

I have purchased a set of Heriot & Allen smallpipes in A, so far I have the chanter reed design ready. 

Cane Drone Reeds For David Burleigh Northumbrian Pipes.

I am currently testing sets of cane drone reeds for Northumbrian pipes in the keys of 'F' and 'D.

Click picture for details



G pitch reeds for Northumbrian pipes now available

Click picture for details


Morrison Smallpipe Chanter Reeds

I am now able to test reeds in a Morrison chanter.